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The Armorial Register - The Register of Feudal Lords and Barons of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Register of Feudal Lords and Barons.

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Index of those who are recorded in The Register of Feudal Lords and Barons of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland along with the link to their entry in The International Register of Arms.

Once sufficient entries have been received in The Register of Feudal Lords and Barons of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland it will be the intention of the publishers to produce a specific book exclusively showcasing the armorial bearings of the registrants. This too will be deposited in the relevant public libraries.


The Lord Lyon has recently made it clear that from the 1st March 2018 it will be his intention to no longer make mention, in Letters Patent granting armorial bearings, of a petitioner’s ownership of a Feudal Barony and therefore status as Feudal Baron. The Armorial Register Limited is aware of the situation now arising and how this may affect existing and future barons.  New barons will of course have their Assignation and we are reliably informed that the Custodian of the Scottish Barony Register (SBR) is looking into producing a more ‘displayable’ certificate of registration.  

Whether someone is or is not a baron has never been within the gift of the Lord Lyon and has never been dependent upon his recognition; it is a matter of fact and the facts lie in the conveyancing material leading up to the Assignation. Successive Lyons appear to have long accepted that they are not conveyancers and some time ago Lyon Blair deputed his decision making as to who has and has not a valid claim to own a feudal barony to a ‘man of skill’ who happens to be the Custodian of the “Scottish Barony Register”. It has always been the case that, in terms of ‘recognition’, the most important factor is that the Assignation of the dignity is accepted for registration in the Scottish Barony Register.   

For our part, we will continue to recognize and record as baron those barons and their heirs who have obtained arms via the Lord Lyon and had their ownership of the barony confirmed in the Scottish Barony Register. Those who wish to record their arms in our own Register of Feudal Lords and Barons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will continue to receive a certificate recording them in their appropriate status.  

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Feudal Barons

Agasim-Pereira of Fulwood Baron of Fulwood, C. Reg.No. 0010
Arnhold Simoes, Christiano, Earl and Lord of Aboyne Reg.No. 0480
Ayre of Kilmarnock, David, Baron of Kilmarnock Reg.No. 0100
Aquino, Dr Michael A..Baron of Rachane Reg.No. 0096
Boxell, Clive Anthony, Baron of West Niddry, Reg.No. 0027
Brim-DeForest, Brady of Balvaird Castle, Baron of Balvaird Reg.No. 0532
Bugeja, Raymond Paul Edward Vincent Anthony, Baron of Prestonfield Reg.No. 0475
Burden, Dr. George Manuel, Baron of Seabegs (Seybeggis) Reg.No. 0417
Cadzow of Kilpunt, Morag P. Baroness of Kilpunt Reg.No. 0309
Collin, Sean Lambert, Baron of Otterinverane Reg.No. 0565
Cram-Sinclair, Nicholas Spencer Fitzroy, Baron of Brough. Reg.No. 0026
Cromartie of Urquhart-on-Spey, Robert Allen, Baron of Urquhart. Reg.No. 0416
Devlin, Godfrey, Baron of Gogar Reg.No. 0488
Devlin, James R.G., Lord of Cowal Reg.No. 0484
Eddy, Jose Fernando Gutierrez, Baron of Auchtermunzie Reg.No. 0138
Olivier Fuchs, Baron of Cockburn, Hallrule, Over Liberton, and Buncle and Preston. Reg.No. 0492
Genitrini, Dr.Christian, Baron of Tarbert Reg.No. 0529
Gillespie of Blackhall, Robert, OBE, Baron of Blackhall Reg.No. 0298
Graham of Gartmore, William R.B.C Baron of Gartmore Reg No. 0203
Hamilton of Rockhall, Margaret, Baroness of Lag Reg.No. 0166
Harden of Cowdenknowes, Mark J. Baron of Cowdenknowes Reg.No. 0035
Jackson, Robert Garrett, Baron of Paistoun

Janovitz, Tyler William, Baron of Poltoun
Reg.No. 0427

Reg No. 0652
Jolly, William, Baron of Stobo Reg.No. 0531
Lidgren Mans Nicklas, Baron of Elie Reg.No. 0577
Lindsay, Roger Alexander, Baron of Craighall

Lyons, Michael Chou-Leng Looi, Baron of Winchburgh
Reg.No. 0072

Reg No. 0663
Binmahfouz, Mahfouz M., Baron of Abernethy Reg.No. 0379
Morange, Michel Andre Denis, Baron of Easter Gordon Reg.No. 0117
Miller, Richard B.B. Baron of Jedburgh Forest Reg.No. 0144
Murawski, Mark, Baron of Auchterhouse Reg.No. 0564
Muzzi, Massimiliano,Baron of Strichen Reg.No. 0322
Newlands of Lauriston, William Alexander, Baron of Miltonhaven Reg.No. 0408
Philip Boisserolles de Saint-Julien, Jean-Guy, Baron of Hartsyde Reg.No. 0306
Pickering, Philip David, Baron of Newton Reg.No. 0392
Pilette of Kinnear, Michel J.G., Baron of Kinnear Reg.No. 0502
Prestoungrange, Dr Gordon Stanley C. W. Baron of Prestoungrange Reg.No. 0001
Ross, Charles Russell Clayton, Baron of Biggar

Seale, Faith Anntoinette Q.C., Baroness of Mullion
Reg.No. 0280

Reg. No. 0637
Smith, Douglas H, Baron of Duncrub Reg.No. 0012
Spaulding, Timothy. S. MD, Baron of Balmachreuchie Reg.No. 0296
Stuart of Yeochrie, Richard D.J. Baron of Yeochrie Reg.No. 0468
Sullivan of Braemar, John, Earl of Breadalbane, Lord of Braemar and Lord of Kildrummie Reg.No. 0128
Thomas, Rabbi Robert Owen, Baron of Craigie Reg.No. 0286
Wallenberg, Henri O. Niklas, Baron of Sauchie Reg.No. 0405
Way of Plean, George Alexander, Baron of Plean Reg.No. 0021
West, Bryce Lee, Baron of Wells Reg.No. 0588
Williamson, Captain Brian Lawrence, Baron of Craigmillar Reg.No. 0200
Willien, David, Baron of Tulloch Reg.No. 0470
Wills of Dolphinstoun, Julian Gawain Clifford, Baron of Dolphinstoun Reg.No. 0044
Woods, Cyril, Baron of Slanes
Reg.No. 0040
Zangenberg,Claes Baron of Pittenweem Reg.No. 0431

Feudal Lords of the Manor

Agasim-Pereira of Fulwood ygr. E. G. S. Lord of the Hundreds of Gresley and Repton Reg.No. 0011
Agasim-Pereira of Fulwood, Y. N. M. Lady of the Manor of Colemere

Bergamo, Nicola Davide Lord of the Manor of Moor Hall

Reg.No. 0014

Reg No. 0666

Braddock, Christopher Edward, J.P., Lord of the Manor of Tibshelf Reg.No. 0076
Bravo Gonzalez, Ramon, Lord of the Manor of St James Priory Reg.No. 0224
Bridges of Slanes, Ronald Claude, Lord of the Manor of Slanes Reg.No. 0048
Chambers, Christopher Alan, Lord of the Manor of Skighaugh. Reg.No. 0247
Cole, Mervyn Charles, Esq, Lord of the Manor of Knowstone Reg.No. 0389
Couling, Kevin Derek, Lord of the Manor of Little Neston cum Hargrave Reg.No. 0110
Densmore, Douglas Warren Lord of the Manor of Stratford St. Andrew Reg.No. 0183
Drake, Charles Edward Francis, Lord of the Manor of Noseley Reg.No. 0102
Evetts, Darren, Lord of the Manor of Burntwood Reg.No. 0368
Farnath, Sqn Ldr Antony, Lord of the Manor of Woodcote Reg.No. 0391
Gauthier de la Martiniere, J.P. Lord of the the Manor of Sholden and Hull. Reg.No. 0187
Gregg, Frank Richard, MStJ, Lord of The Manor of Camblesforth Reg.No. 0402
Jones, Peter Norman, Lord of the Manor of Holdingham Reg.No. 0201
Juby, Dr. Bernard Arthur Lord of the Manor of Hoby, Leicestershire Reg.No. 0370
Lautens, Stephen Joseph, Lord of the Manor, Prior's Hall, Lindsell Reg.No. 0260
Lindley-Highfield of Ballumbie Castle, M.P., Lord of the Manor of Wilmington in Sellindge Reg.No. 0172
Littlewood Allan, MA, LCG. Lord of The manor of Heptonstall Reg.No. 0030
Mackinley-Woodhall, David, Lord of the Manor of Mayhead Reg.No. 0197
Moore, Steven Richard, Lord of The Manor of Maidford Halse, Northamptonshire Reg.No. 0052
Ploysongsang, Edward Thiravej, Lord of the Manor of Thorndon Parva Reg.No. 0442
Rallu, F. Lord of the Manor of Cantley Netherhall, in the County of Norfolk. Reg.No. 0568
Sprules, Robbie D Lord of the Manor of Wrentnall Reg.No. 0104
The Rt Rev. Dr. Andrew Vujisić, Lord of the Manor of Deandraw in Alston Moor Reg.No. 0289
Yngson, Matthew Pajares, Lord of the Manor of Freckenham Reg.No. 0505
Zanadu, Linjie Chou, Lord of the Manor of Piccotts
Reg.No. 0625
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