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Last Update: 20/09/2023

7th December 2022:

7th January 2013: The Armorial Register would like to announce an exciting development regarding its website .  At present, each Volume of the ‘Armorial Register’, along with other publications, is deposited with the British Library and other major Libraries around the globe. The website, however, which also holds and maintains the Arms, personal information and genealogies of our contributors, has not, until now, enjoyed any significantly long term or independent security. 

The British Library UK Web Archive has invited The Armorial Register to have its website archived approximately twice every year. This means that a complete record of the website and all changes to its content would be recorded from early 2013 thus building a permanent picture of the site’s development and expanding content for years to come. 

What is the British Library UK Web Archive?

The UK Web Archive contains websites that publish research, that reflect the diversity of lives, interests and activities throughout the UK, and demonstrate web innovation. This includes "grey literature" sites: those that carry briefings, reports, policy statements, and other ephemeral but significant forms of information.

There are millions of UK websites. They are constantly changing and even disappearing. Often they contain information that is only available online. Responding to the challenge of a potential "digital black hole" the UK Web Archive is there to safeguard as many of these websites as practical. Its purpose is to collect, preserve and give permanent access to key UK websites for future generations.

The archive is free to view, accessed directly from the Web itself and, since archiving began in 2004, has collected thousands of websites.

See YouTube Introduction to the UK Web Archive

27th Sept 2011: Over the next few days browsers of the website of The Armorial Register will notice that a number of changes have taken place, the most important of which is the return of the branding to the now established name of The Armorial Register – International Register of Arms.

For a number of years The Armorial Register Limited has enjoyed a special relationship with the owners and directors of Burkes Peerage & Gentry (UK) Ltd and has been pleased to licence the name of Burke’s Peerage & Gentry for use with its International Register of Arms. Over the last few months Burkes Peerage & Gentry (UK) Ltd has been subjected to negotiations towards a private business sale and this is, as far as the directors of The Armorial Register Limited are aware, progressing towards a successful completion. The sale of Burkes Peerage & Gentry (UK) Ltd will mean a complete change in ownership and therefore management of the Burke’s company.

With this in mind, the directors of The Armorial Register Limited and the outgoing board of Burkes Peerage & Gentry (UK) Ltd have decided that it is now an appropriate time to end our agreement. The Armorial Register Limited will continue to publish its International Register of Arms (entries are now being received for Volume 2) along with its latest project “A Celebration of Scottish Heraldry” (see the web site for the contributors to this project). A future planned publication is a similar volume to celebrate English Heraldry.

We wish the outgoing team at Burke’s all the very best for the future.
2nd June 2011 I just thought I would give you the heads up on our latest project. Now that we have got the International Register of Arms Volume One well underway we are proposing to work on a Book of Scottish Arms. We have yet to finalise details but below is our outline. Romilly Squire of Rubislaw, co-author of Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia, is assisting us.

Celebration of Scottish Heraldry

In anticipation of the 340th anniversary of the Lyon King of Arms Act 1672 The Armorial Register Limited, publishers of Burke’s Peerage & Gentry International Register of Arms, is inviting the submission of digital photographic material for the publication of a fully illustrated prestigious book dedicated to the many practical ways in which Scottish Armigers of today enjoy and demonstrate their personal armorial bearings.

Whilst this book will be an armorial, it is not just an armorial; its main purpose is to illustrate practical usage of Scots Armory in the 21st century. If your arms are recorded in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland you are invited to submit photographs, along with as much detail as you wish, of any armorial item you have made use of be it your Letters Patent, library painting, crest badge, seal matrix, flag, cutlery, dirks, sporrans, engraved items ……… As a bare minimum we would request that you illustrate your entry with an original grant of arms or matriculation document (we would be happy to blank out addresses etc if you so wish). From our own collections we have put together a number of examples which we feel would be of interest to enthusiasts throughout the world and which would also benefit your favoured heraldic artists and craftsmen.

Participation in this project is free (although obviously there will be a cost associated with the purchase of the actual book if participants wish to acquire one).

The Book is now published

Martin Goldstraw, Editor



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