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Last Update: 20/09/2023

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Please Note: You will be able to upload the image of your Coat of Arms or Banner after you Submit the above form. After submission you will be automaticaly re-directed to our payments page

The Armorial register will undertake to alter and amend any errors to a web page entry as soon as is practicable. Registrants may make additions and alterations to their entry free of charge for 28 days after publication. After the initial 28 day period all corrections, amendments and alterations to an entry will be subject to a £30 administration fee. No charge will be made if a correction is necessary as a result of editorial error. All amendments and alterations will be at the Editorís discretion.


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Form Help

Name & Address Field:
Please fill in all the required address fields, your Title and Full Name should be filled in as you would like to see it appear on the register for example: Dr. James Alexander Roads BS'c FSA
Arms, Crest & Motto:
The full Blazon of your Arms full details of your Crest & Supporters (if you have any). Fill in Motto if you have one.

Matriculation, Grant etc:

Enter the details regarding your Matriculation, Grant, Registration or Assumed Arms in the appropriate field. As well as the authority of the granting / registration body. Please also enter in Country of Origin of the arms.

Arms Information:

Enter the background to your arms the rational behind them, their history or genealogy or other relevant information. Please Note; no more than 600 words will be accepted.

Image Upload:
Images of arms can be uploaded in the next step after submission of the form and should be on a white/transparent  background in .JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP or PDF format.

Standard, Pinsel and Banners should only be uploaded if you have paid for this extra addition to the register and again should be on a white or transparent background in JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP or PDF format.

NOTE: Files must have no spaces, forward slashes, semi-colons, inverted commas etc. Example:

joe_blogs.jpg - OK
joe-blogs.jpg - OK
joeblogs.jpg - OK

joe blogs.jpg - wrong
joe 'blogs'.jpg - wrong

If you have trouble resizing or uploading your images or do not have a good rendition of your arms please contact us for help and advice.

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