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Last Update: 09/05/2024

Prof. Ljubodrag Lj. Grujić (Grujich)

Registered: The International Register of Arms, 3rd April 2007. Registration No. 0099.

Arms: Or, an eagle displayed Sable armed and langued Gules, charged on the breast with a fleur-de-lys Or, grasping in the dexter claw a branch of locust-tree and the sinister a branch of linden-tree all Proper, the whole within a bordure Vert.

Crest: A lymphad proper under sail Argent flying a pennon Gules and flagged Azure and Argent the sail charged with a harp Vert.

Motto:  'Synthesis' in Ancient Greek script

Private Registration: Serbia, CROM-BHGS (Centre for Research of Orthodox Monarchism Board for Heraldic and Genealogical Studies), Armorial Charter No.008/06, 26 December 2006.

The Arms of Prof.
                                                Ljubodrag Lj. Grujić

Further Private Registration: United States Heraldic Registry, # 20070204O, 4 February 2007.

The Arms were designed according to the Armiger’s wishes and in close council with him by The Board for Heraldic and Genealogical Studies of The Centre for Research of Orthodox Monarchism (CROM-BHGS) under the guidance of its Managing Director, Mr Nenad M. Jovanovich, Herald of the Princely Branch of the Serbian Royal House of Karageorgevich.

The design of the shield “Or, an eagle displayed Sable” alludes to the mixed heritage of the Armiger (Serbian, Romanian and German state symbol of an eagle) but avoids the use of the double headed eagle as this is reserved for the use of the State and the Royal Family in Serbian heraldry. It also points to the Armiger’s Orthodox Faith. The branches that the eagle holds represent the male (black locust) and female (linden) line united and also illustrates the region of Banat. On a different level, these charges also signify how the new items (black locust is originally from America) can be utilized to the benefit of all (the tree was used extensively in Southern Banat to keep in check the spread of sand dunes), along with the linden tree, a symbol of Slavs. They also represent the Serbian fate of being “East to the West and West to the East”, that the armiger, as a professor of English, also shares. The fleur-de-lis Or alludes to the Serbian Monarchy and is also a canting part of the arms, since the Serbian word for that flower is “ljiljan” and Armiger’s mother’s name is Ljiljana. The bordure Vert represents Banat; Green being the armiger’s favourite colour.

The Crest lymphad stands for the Armiger’s family Patron Saint St. Nicholas and the flags bear Serbian national colours. The harp on the sail was chosen to represent art. The harp and lymphad also allude to the armiger being an Irish (Gaelic) speaker, since the word lymphad comes from “long fhada”, meaning “long ship”.

The armiger possesses an heraldic badge of: Upon a pomme, between two fleur-de-lis Or a linden tree eradicated Argent. The badge is of the armiger’s own design.

The armiger is a third generation native of the region of Banat, in the Serbian Province of Vojvodina, the first generation to the two family lines to be born in the town of Pančevo, those lines being the paternal one of the Ristić’s (Ristiches) of Golemo Selo in the Southern Serbia and the maternal one of the Magdas of the village of Botoš in Banat. The paternal Serbian lineage, whose members, to the best of Armiger’s knowledge, were dwellers of the abovementioned place from the mid-1750s, a tradition which was terminated by the misfortunate events of WWII that resulted in the armiger’s grandfather moving to the region Banat.

The Badge of Prof.
                                                      Ljubodrag Lj.
                                                      Grujić (Grujich)
The Banner of
                                                      Prof. Ljubodrag
                                                      Lj. Grujić
Badge of

The maternal lineage, which is of mixed Serbian, Vlach (Wallach) and German extraction, settled in the region of Temišvar (Timisoara in what is today Romania) after the Great Serbian Migration in the 1690s and moved south to its present location at the end of 18th century. The branch of the familymoved to the town of Pančevo in the 1950s, where the armiger’s father assumed the surname of Grujić (Grujich).

In accordance with the agreement made with the abovementioned Herald, all descendants may use the same armorial design, with the right to difference them by adding a cadency mark upon the sail on the lymphad as they see fit.

By way of an honourable augmentation, the armiger has been awarded the right to use the heraldic badge of the village of Botoš. Viz: A lion rampant Or winged of stork’s wings addorsed and elevated brandishing a sabre Proper in his dexter paw and holding a tulip flower Or in his sinister.

This augmentation is now used by the armiger, with authority, in his standard, the blazon of which is recorded as:

Standard: the Arms of Ljubodrag Grujić in the hoist, the fly barry of four Or and Vert charged to the dexter with the Crest and to the sinister the Badge, that being a pomme, between two fleur-de-lis Or a linden tree eradicated Argent and in between separated by two bends Or fimbriated Sable inscribed with the Motto in Serbian Cyrillic letters Постојани и праведни Vert, the field Azure in base a barrulet wavy Argent upon which standing a lion rampant Or winged of stork’s wings addorsed and elevated and brandishing a sabre Proper in chief between two water-bougets a fleur-de-lys Or.

The Standard of
                                                Ljubodrag Lj. Grujić


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The Armorial Bearings of Ljubodrag Lj. Grujić (Grujich)