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Last Update: 09/05/2024

Houston James Marcenaro

Registered: The International Register of Arms, 28th July 2015. Registration No. 0346 (Vol.2).

Arms: Argent, on a bend cotised Azure, three griffins paleways of the First, debruised Gules a label of three points during the lifetime of his father.

Crest: An Arm and hand in armour couped at the wrist Proper the hand holding a sword in pale point upwards Argent hilted Sable between two wings Argent.

Motto: Potius Mori Quam Foedari (Rather Death Than Dishonour)

Grant:  The undifferenced arms were Granted to the armiger’s father by the Court of the Lord Lyon, 9th day of May 2005. Folio 25/Volume 87

Private RegistrationsUndifferenced arms 2006 The International Register of Arms No.0025 (Vol1); 2006 U.S. Heraldic Registry #20060908B; 2013 New England Historic Genealogical Society

The Arms of Houston
                                                James Marcenaro

Andres Marcenaro b.1790 Genoa, Italy marries Maria Bisso, issue: Santiago Marcenaro Bisso.

Santiago Marcenaro Bisso b.1816, Genoa, Italy. Immigrated to Peru 1841, marries Nov 1851 (Lima) Rose Catalina Sotomayor Pomiano. According to the Traditions of Ricardo Palm (A book of the families of Lima) they were owners of a candy shop in Jiron de la Union.

Santiago Marcenaro Bisso and Rose Catalina Sotomayor Pomiano, issue: Andres Santiago Marcenaro Sotomayor, Beatriz Marcenaro Sotomayor, Avelina Marcenaro Sotomayor.

Andres Santiago Marcenaro Sotomayor marries Maria Luisa Vargas Rivas, issue: Luis Felipe Marcenaro Vargas, Carlos Marcenaro Vargas, Rose Catalina Marcenaro Vargas, Carmen Marcenaro Vargas.

Luis Felipe Marcenaro Vargas marries Maria Zoila Romero Carbajal, issue: Santiago Marcenaro Romero, Luis Felipe Marcenaro Romero.

Santiago Marcenaro Romero b. Feb 2, 1913. Ambassador. Grand Cross Order of the Sun (Peru), Grand Cross Order of Merit (Chile), married Elisa Nancy Frers Cortes (Argentina) issue: Santiago Luis Marcenaro Frers, b. April 8, 1939 Genoa, Osvaldo Raul Marcenaro Frers, b. Jan 18, 1942 died 1954, Lima, horsing accident and Ricardo Marcenaro Frers b. Dec 30, 1946 Lima. Marries Rosa Goldfarb Aug 27,1972 (Michigan). Children: Harold Marcenaro Goldfarb, b. Nov 2, 1973 and Eliana Marcenaro Goldfarb, b. May 4, 1975, Lima.

Santiago Luis Marcenaro Frers, issue: Elizabeth Nancy Marcenaro born Jan 8 1959, Denmark. Marries Matilda Aguirre, May 20, 1963; Lima. Have my father Osvaldo born 1966; Miraflores.

Osvaldo Enrique Marcenaro Aguirre (Baron-Baillie of Tranent (Scotland), Knight of Magistral Grace of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, Grand Officer with Gold Star of The Royal Order of Saint Michael of the Wing (Portugal), Knight Jure Sanguinis of The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George (Italy), and Lieutenant of the Order of Prince Danilo I (Montenegro) marries Ellen Elisabeth Falk Nov 16, 2009 in Katy, Texas, issue:

  Houston James Marcenaro, b. June 25, 2002; Lafayette, Louisiana

Lila Claire Marcenaro, b. Dec 22, 2003; Lafayette, Louisiana.

Maternal Lineage:
Dkfm. Gerhard Walter Falk M. Sc., CFP, marries Jan 21, 1969 (Minden, LA) May Beth Bolin, b. Oct 30, 1940 (Louisiana). Issue: Ellen Elisabeth Falk, b. 1972 Berkeley, CA & Christina Bolin Falk, b. Jan 19, 1976, London, m. May 19, 2001 John Harlan Ware, issue: Cecilia Eloise Ware, b. March 11, 2008, Shreveport, LA.

May Beth Bolin lineage: Mary Eloise Martin Bolin born Oct 30, 1913 Alexandria LA; died Sept 20, 2007 and the Honorable James Edwin Bolin born Aug 26, 1914 Doyline LA; died March 25, 2002 Shreveport, Major US Army WWII, Bronze Star with oak leaf cluster, French Croix de Guerre with bronze star, Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with silver star, American Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, Presidential Unit Citation with oak leaf cluster, former State Legislator and Presiding Judge 2nd Circuit Louisiana Court of Appeals.

The armiger’s mother is a heraldic heiress and the armiger is entitled to the arms of her father (Falk) as a quartering in his own arms.

The Arms ofm Falk

Kaspar Falk b.1760 marries (Austria) Rosalia Majcen, b. Aug. 8, 1765 (Hochenegg), issue: Lorenz Falk.

Lorenz Falk b. Aug 8, 1803 Hochenegg, marries Maria Kleinschrodt, issue: Johann Falk b. 1832, d. 1903.

Johann Falk marries Maria Lippisch, issue: Franz Falk b. March 22, 1885 Buchenberg.

Franz Falk marries Klara Hochegger, Nov. 27, 1911 Leibnitz, (Klara Hochegger, b. July 29, 1886 St. Veit am Vogau, Parents: Michael Hochegger/Maria Luttenberger), issue:

  Emmerich Franz Falk, b. Sept. 11, 1912 Buchenberg. 

Dr. Emmerich Franz Falk marries Gertrude Juliana Rosa Trummer, Oct. 28, 1939 Heidelberg. (Gertrude Juliana Rosa Trummer, b. March 1, 1921 Leibnitz. Parents: Franz Trummer Jr., b. Dec 13, 1885 Oberzeiring, married April 28, 1920 Leibnitz to Rosa Hötzl, b. Jan 21, 1890 Leibnitz. Grandparents: Franz Trummer Sr/Josefia Saller; Florian Hötzl/Barbara Muster), issue:


Dieter Gert Falk, b. Feb 24, 1941 in Leoben, Austria, d. May 18, 1974 in Leoben

Gerhard Walter Falk, b. April 25, 1943, Heidelberg, Germany.

Houston James Marcenaro sister is likewise registered with the armorial; Miss Lila Claire Marcenaro No. 0385 (Vol.3)

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