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Last Update: 10/05/2024

Mark Robin Elm

Registered: The International Register of Arms, 21st April 2022 Registration No. 0623 (Vol.4).

Arms: Argent a Griffin segreant Vert beak and forelegs Or holding in the dexter forefoot and pendent therefrom a Pace-Stick Sable garnished Or on a Chief Gules three Mullets of eight points Or.

Crest: A Platypus Azure beaked Argent resting the dexter forefoot on a Stone Bleu Celeste.

Badge: Within a Circlet of Mullets of eight points Gules a Griffin segreant Vert beak and forelegs Or holding in the dexter forefoot and pendent therefrom a Pace-Stick Sable garnished Or.

Standard: In the hoist the arms; fly: Argent, charged with the crest between two badges separated by two traverse bands Argent fimbriated Or bearing the motto; fringe: Argent and Azure.

Motto: A Cogitationbus Anima Imbuitur

The Arms of Mark
                                                Robin Elm

: College of Arms 24th January, 2022. Agent John Allen-Petrie, Esq., OBE (Windsor Herald).

Artist: Quentin Peacock.

The Badge of Mark
                                              Robin Elm

The arms represent the armiger’s family history, ancestry and values as well as his experiences in policing, peacekeeping, public sector management and his charitable causes with veterans and first responders.

The arms consist of a green griffin which represent his Ireland ancestry. The Griffin is regarded as the King of the Beasts (Lion) and the King of the Birds (Eagle) and is the combination of both animals. These two separate animals are represented by the Australian Wedge Tail Eagle’ on the badge of the New South Wales Police Force, and by the Lion of St George within the State Badge of New South Wales.

The green of the griffin represents the armiger’s great grandfather who served in the South African Constabulary serving two tours in the 2nd Boer War in South Africa, and later in the Australian Imperial Force in Gallipoli as an original ANZAC and then on the Western Front.

The open Pace Stick represents his former role as holder of the NSW Police Academy Pace Stick. The three gold stars represent the armiger’s father, his identical twin brother and his son and the light shone on his soul through their love. The stars are in the shape of the stars on the New South Wales State Badge, and also represent Golden Wattle, the national flower of his beloved birthplace Australia.

The white background represents peace which was the core of the armigers career as a police officer and his deployment as a UN peacekeeper.

The crest represents Mr Elms former role as a Federal Agent with the Australian Federal Police and he has adopted the Platypus as a symbol representing the diverse requirements placed upon members in the execution of their duty. The idiom “to leave no stone unturned” reflects upon the Armigers role as an accomplished investigator and is represented by a light blue overturned stone of light shade of blue; the light shade of blue represents his peacekeeping service. The Navy Blue of the Platypus represents the armiger’s grandfather on his mother side, who was a member of both the Merchant Marine and the Royal Navy and saw service in a number of conflicts. It also represents the armiger’s service as part of “the thin blue line”, the line between order and disorder, where he served as a public order operator.

The ringlet of circles on the badge represents the love and support surrounding him by his mother and sister and is indicative of the need for a badge to represent authentic loving and kind supporters. The colour red represents the red of The State Badge of New South Wales, the State of their birth.

The motto is the phrase “A Cogitationibus Anima Imbuitur”  is Latin for “From the thoughts it clings”. This resonated with the armiger’s life journey in a world of conflict, deceit and focus on self vis a vis others. It stems from Marcus Aurelius “The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts” and enunciated further by Heraclitus “The soul is dyed the colour of its thoughts. Think only of those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny it is the light that guides your way.”

The armiger is as a retired police officer,  a returned United Nations peacekeeping veteran of Theatre East Timor, and a senior public servant who leads by his example, for people to live their altruistic selves, to avoid greed and conflict and to act with kindness, courage, dignity and service above self.

The Standard of
                                                Mark Robin Elm


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